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We no longer quote jobs for free. It takes approximately 1 hour to bid metal, estimate cutting process
and skilled  calculation of the amount of work required, which usually includes drawing out stock and parts for nesting.
We can quote your job for $75 which can be fully applied to the cost of a project;
Otherwise, figure your job will cost $374,012.15 or

We recommend using the pricing page and your local metal prices to estimate the cost of your project.
We are happy to start your project design with a reasonable down payment; email us to discuss how.



Currently, we have the capability to cut any conductive metal:

  • We can cut artwork and mechanical parts with a 0.005" tolerance

  • Up to 4 feet wide by 10 feet long, but heavier stock is limited to 4' x 4'

  • Our aluminum capacity to 3/4" thick

  • Our steel capacity up to 1" thick

  • (primarily we cut aluminum and steel and stainless steel)

  • CR, HR, 304, 316, 4130, 6061, 2024 standard grades



We can use customer provided stock, including special materials and requests, pending acceptance.
We can do custom tubing slotting, and other types of special processing, after consultation, for additional cost.

Cutting charges are based on (see note in yellow above):

  • Computer design time of components (we will do basic design of simple components)

  • CNC programming time (usually minimal and included, but complicated cuts can incur extra charges)

  • Material costs including material shipping from metals suppliers

  • Total number of pierces (to cover cost of machine consumable components)

  • Total cutting inches of cut distance of all components

  • Total number of components cut (quantity discount on large volumes)

  • Metal surface finishing (edge sanding, grinding) by the hour, with a 1/2 hour minimum

  • Painting/Powder Coating per our vendor prices (no in-house coatings application) (Generally, we do not do coating application)

SolidWorks Design time:                        $50.00/hr    (minimum 1/2 hour) (if required)

CNC Programming time:                         $35.00/hr     (minimum 1/4 hour) (if required)

Shop time:                                            $75.00/hr    Includes various fabrication chores: TIG welding, tube cutting, lathe work, mill work, beveling,
                                                                            notching, jigging, welding cleanup, metal surface finishing & plasma dross cleanup. ($25 minimum, if required)

Manual hole drilling:                              $0.75 each (quality holes to compensate for poor quality small diameter plasma cut holes, with CNC accurate placement (0.010")

Bending service:                                    $5.00/bend

Tubing cutting:                                      $6.25/cut

Material Costs:                                     Market Rate (fluctuates daily-call for quote)

                                                          Aluminum= approximately $10/pound; varies per grade

                                                          Steel=approximately $1.50/pound; varies per grade

Material Processing (Consumable Cost)     $0.01/ (block)  







 Price adjustment for Different Thicknesses of metals

Cost per in.

Cost / Pierce

0.00-0.032"  $0.20 $0.10 
0.040-0.063"  $0.21 $0.11
0.071-0.090"  $0.23 $0.12 
0.100-0.125"  $0.25 $0.12 
0.1875  $0.27 $0.15
0.250  $0.30 $0.15
0.375  $0.32 $0.18
0.500  $0.35 $0.20
0.625   $0.40 $0.20
0.750  $0.45 $0.25

Stainless Steel (=Mild Steel + 20%)

Price adjustment for Different Thicknesses of metals
Mild Steels Thickness

Cost per in.

Cost / Pierce

36 to 26 gauge   0-0.018" $0.24 $0.07
25 to 17 gauge   0.021-0.055" $0.22 $0.08
16 to 14 gauge   0.060-0.075" $0.20 $0.10
13 to 12 gauge   0.080-0.100" $0.20 $0.12
10 to 7 gauge   0.125-0.1875" $0.22 $0.15
6 to 3 guage   0.190-0.250" $0.25 $0.17
5/16-3/8   0.3125-0.375" $0.26 $0.20
7/16-1/2 0.4375-0.500" $0.30 $0.25
9/16-5/8   0.5625-0.625" $0.33 $0.30
3/4 0.750" $0.35 $10.00
7/8   0.875" $0.40 $12.00
1   1.000" $0.45 $15.00
1.25+   Might be possible but we haven't done it yet; give us a call $?.00 $16.00

Online payment forms:

                                    Personal Checks (After funds clear)

                                    Bank Transfer (After funds clear)

                                    PayPal ($10 fee)

                                    Western Union

                                    Money Orders

We can now accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards at a 3% surcharge through Square.

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Designs are the property of Brilliant Design online & CNC Plasma Cutting, unless specific arrangements are made to purchase the rights to the design in a written contract. All solid models and drawings are the property of Brilliant Design online & CNC Plasma Cutting.
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